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Gravity PDF

Automatically generate, email and download PDF documents with Gravity Forms and Gravity PDF. Gravity PDF is the ultimate self-hosted solution for dynamically creating digital PDF documents using Gravity Forms and WordPress.


Highly Customisable PDFs

Out of the box you receive four highly-customisable PDF designs. Within seconds, you can personalise the look and feel by adding your company logo, header, footer, paper size / orientation, font, colour and size. If these designs don’t suit, select a new one from the Template Shop, go bespoke, or build your own.

Send as Email Attachment

Gravity PDF can automatically email the PDF to both the admin and the user as soon as the form is completed. Try combining this feature with one of Gravity Forms payment add-ons to delay the email until the payment is complete.

Privacy, Security, and GDPR

Gravity PDF generates PDFs on your web server, so no third-party service receives your data. We’ve strong security in place protected these documents, and the plugin is GDPR-compliant for our European friends.

Your Software. Your Way

There’s no third-party APIs needed when generating your PDFs. That means no monthly fees or rate limits. You control the software and the documents it generates.

Multilingual Support

We support all languages, including complex symbol-based languages like Chinese and Japanese, as well as Right to Left (RTL) languages including Arabic and Hebrew.

Automated PDF Emails

Automatically email your PDF when a user completes a form. Have it emailed to people in your organisation, the user, or both. You can also conditionally generate and email the PDF.

Automate Business Processes

Gravity PDF has deep integration with the popular automation plugin Gravity Flow. Email multiple PDFs at any point in a workflow, or use the Previewer add-on with the User Input step to allow users to review contracts or digitally sign.

DIY Custom PDFs

PHP, HTML and CSS come easy? You’ll find creating your own PDF templates a breeze. If not, we offer a Bespoke PDF services tailored just for you. We can even auto-fill existing documents!

Open Source Software

Gravity PDF is licensed under the GPLv2 and the source code is freely available to view, download, fork and modify on GitHub. Community contributions are welcome!

Gravity PDF

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