Gravity Wiz – Perks Suite

A suite of 32+ essential Gravity Forms addons yu can count on…..

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Gravity Wiz – Perks Suite

What Are Perks?

Perks are plugins, powered by Gravity Perks, that add new features for Gravity Forms. Gravity Perks is a platform and delivery system for “perks”. Install Gravity Perks and then activate whichever perks make Gravity Forms more awesome for you. It’s like JetPack but specifically for Gravity Forms.

GP Nested Forms

Create forms within forms for better management of complex forms. Formception!

GP Populate Anything

Dynamically filter and populate field choices and values with posts, users, taxonomies, terms, Gravity Forms entries, and databases. Pretty much anything!

GP Unique ID

Generate unique IDs (i.e. reference numbers, codes, invoice numbers, etc.) on submission for your Gravity Form entries.

GP Conditional Pricing

Create flexible, conditional pricing for your Gravity Form product fields.

GP Limit Choices

Limit how many times a choice may be selected for multi-choice fields (e.g. Radio Buttons, Drop Downs, Checkboxes, etc).

GP Limit Dates

Limit which days are selectable for your Gravity Forms Date Picker fields.

GP Preview Submission

Add a simple submission preview to allow users to confirm their submission is correct before submitting the form.

GP Conditional Logic Dates

Allows Date fields to be used in Gravity Forms conditional logic.

GP Limit Submissions

Limit the number of entries that can be submitted by almost anything (e.g. user, role, IP, field value).

GP Easy Passthrough

Easily transfer entry values from one Gravity Forms form to another.

GP Date Time Calculator

Use Date and Time fields in your Gravity Forms calculation formulas to calculate the time between different dates and times.

GP Media Library

Automatically import uploaded files (images, documents, etc.) to the WordPress Media Library when the form is submitted.

GP Post Content Merge Tags

Adds support for Gravity Form merge tags in your post content.

GP Live Preview

Preview your forms on the frontend of your site.

GP Multi-page Navigation

Navigate between form pages quickly by converting the page steps into page links or creating your own custom page links.

GP Reload Form

Reload the form following an AJAX submission. Useful in situations where you would like to allow multiple form submission without refreshing the page.

GP Read Only

Mark your form fields as read-only to allow users to see field data but not modify it.

GP Expand Textareas

Tiny textareas in the form editor can be a challenge! Load form editor textareas in a modal window for easy editing.


Licence Options




  • 1 Perk
  • 1 Site
  • Automatic Updates
  • Access to new perks
  • Standard Support
  • 3 Perks
  • 3 Sites
  • Automatic Updates
  • Access to new perks
  • Snippet support
  • Standard Support
  • Unlimited Perks
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Automatic Updates
  • Access to new perks
  • Snippet support
  • Priority Support
  • 12 – 24 hour Response Time

Basic, Advanced, Pro


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