The Best Tables & Charts WordPress Table Plugin….

Best Datatables Tool WPDataTables

The Best Tables & Charts WordPress Table Plugin.

wpDataTables is a best-selling WordPress table plugin which makes your work with tables, charts and data management easy. 40,000+ companies and individuals already trust wpDataTables to work with financial, scientific, statistical, commercial and other data.

Create Tables and Charts in WordPress in three basic steps


Provide table data

Upload your file, paste a MySQL query, provide a URL, or just input the data manually.


Configure if you want

Fine-tune your table – if you want it to be responsive, editable, have conditional formatting, etc.


Publish in a post or page

Once you’re satisfied with the table, insert it in a post or page using standard WP Editor or Visual Composer.

With wpDataTables you can create responsive WordPress tables and charts.

Resize the browser window to see how a responsive WordPress table works. Play around with the WordPress table to see how the charts and the sum row adjust. Cells in the Price column are highlighted depending on the revenue.


WordPress Tables created with wpDataTables plugin are natively responsive, and can be used on any device types.

Very Large Tables

wpDataTables works really quick with large tables, up to millions of rows. All the operations will be handled by the MySQL server.

Advanced Filters and Search

wpDataTables allows you to create individual filters for your dataset, which is quite a handy way to quickly narrow down the results of your WordPress table.


wpDataTables can be made editable – and WordPress users can edit the content of the WordPress table inline, or in a generated form.


With this WordPress tables plugin it is possible to highlight cells, rows, columns depending on their content – in Excel this feature is called Conditional Formatting.


Each WordPress table can be used as a data source for creating WordPress charts. Charts are rendered by 3 powerful engines and can change in real-time.



Calculating totals, minimum, maximum and average values in WordPress Tables

Let wpDataTables count the sum for you

Create wordpress table form any data source

Pull table data from any source – Excel to MySQL

Multiple DB engine connections support (MySQL, MS SQL, Postgre SQL)

Access MySQL DB remotely

WordPress charts: How to create them with a simple wizard

Create charts with a wizard

Creating Editable Tables in WordPress where users can see and edit only their own data

Allow users to see and edit only their data

Creating Tables in WordPress from Google Spreadsheets

Use Google Spreadsheets to create tables

Excel-like editor in WordPress

Edit tables in WordPress as easy as in Excel

Create a MySQL-query-based table by generating a query to WordPress database

Don’t know SQL? Use Query generator

Customize WordPress table for your needs

Customize the design

create editable tables manually in WP Admin

Create tables with a wizard

wpDataTable advanced filtering

Put filter in a widget

Many different date formats

17 date formats

The Best WordPress Table plugin

wPDatatables Licences

Dev Yearly, Dev Unl


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